Diana Mardis

Diana Mardis

Cambria County Association for the Blind & Handicapped

Diana has an intellectual disability with low comprehension skills.  She also struggles with an adjustment disorder with mixed emotions.  Her disabilities have made it difficult to fully comprehend written instructions and she has struggled to find and maintain competitive employment. At CCABH, Diana has adapted and improved by learning tasks with repetition and with the aid of supervisory and case manager instruction and feedback.  Her self-confidence and independence has improved and she is now more willing to seek out help on her own.  These improvements have enabled her to increase the variety and complexity of products she now sews. 


Through her work at CCABH, Diana has gained additional self-confidence and socialization skills to participate in many of the company sponsored events held at CCABH.  She lives independently within the community with assistance from family, friends and CCABH.  She is an active member at her Brethren Church where she attends weekly services. In addition, she helps some of her disabled friends with transportation and shopping needs. 


Diana likes the variety of products she gets to work on the in feeling a sense of pride in her work.  She enjoys the friendships she has made over the past eleven years and the help and guidance given to her by her case managers and supervisors.  In addition, she really enjoys the social recreation activities which allow her to participate with others in a fun and friendly environment, as well as the gift cards received at Christmas and the food baskets received during additional holidays.

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