About UniqueSource® Products & Services

UniqueSource is a dynamic marketing and sales organization that can supply your business or organization with many of the products and services it relies on to operate. What makes us unique is that we provide quality products manufactured by and services reliably performed by professionals with disabilities.

Our relationship with our member organizations throughout Pennsylvania that share in this mission allows us to offer a wide variety of product and service lines to meet your needs, and to provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities in the process.

Our people-centric philosophy creates a win/win situation for those who do business with us as well. As a UniqueSource customer, you’ll benefit from our responsive, professional service and fair pricing. Plus, it speaks well for your organization that each transaction you make helps support employment opportunities for those with physical, visual and intellectual disabilities.

Learn more throughout this website on what makes UniqueSource an ideal “go-to” resource for your organization.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with member agencies to identify, market, and deliver products and services that create employment opportunities for professionals with disabilities.

Board of Directors

  • Erika Petach, Chairperson Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh
  • Scott Caulfield, 1st Vice Chair Capital Principles
  • Dennis Steiner, 2nd Vice Chair VisionCorps
  • Gena Bond, Secretary Penn York Opportunities
  • Laurie Staph, Treasurer Keystone Blind Association
  • Joe Beck, Board Director Members 1st FCU
  • Danette Blank, Board Director Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania
  • Tara Bosserman, Board Director Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped
  • Tim Miller, Board Director Westmoreland County Blind Association
  • Brian Patchett, Board Director North Central Sight Services
  • Brian Petry, Board Director Allied Services Integrated
  • Laura Princiotta, Board Director SpArc Philadelphia
  • Amy Rice, Board Director Handi-Crafters, Inc.

Executive Staff

Lisa   Biggica

Lisa Biggica

President & CEO

I am proud to be part of the UniqueSource team and partnering with our Members to deliver the excellent products and services that are produced and facilitated by Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

I am a Central PA native and a graduate of Elizabethtown College with over 20 years of professional experience leading business operations, strategic projects, client service delivery, and technology teams. My role is to support our operation, promoting our ability to deliver effectively, efficiently and according to our high expectations for quality.

Philip  Grimes

Philip Grimes

Vice President, State Manager, Photo ID

UniqueSource Products & Services is committed to providing employment opportunities for the many individuals with disabilities in Pennsylvania. We do so by partnering with Member Agencies across the state to provide a diverse array of products and services to our many customers. I am proud to serve with our dedicated team to carry out this mission.

My role within the organization is managing the Photo Licensing contract for PennDOT and serving as a member of the Executive team to guide our strategic direction. I joined the UniqueSource team in 2009 to manage our Information Systems. I have progressed through a variety of roles to learn the depth and breadth of the organization prior to accepting the opportunity to serve as a VP and State Manager for Photo Licensing.

Dale  Kirkhoff

Dale Kirkhoff

Vice President of Finance

Financial strength and integrity is essential for any organization to be successful over the long term.  At UniqueSource Products and Services, we utilize sound business and financial practices to maintain that financial strength so that we may fulfill our mission of providing employment opportunities for Pennsylvanians with disabilities.  The Finance and Accounting team strives to provide an efficient and effective operation so that our UniqueSource Member Agencies can function successfully, without interruption to their business or cash flows. We welcome the opportunity to provide assistance wherever we can.
Susan  Miduri

Susan Miduri

Vice President, Strategic Support Services

The individuals who manufacture products and perform services for UniqueSource to market and sell are dedicated and committed to doing a good job. That strong work ethic is cultivated by our Member agencies, which recognize and build upon the strengths and abilities of each employee. When given the opportunity and the proper tools, people with disabilities can do the work they are entitled to and overcome their personal barriers.

I have had the opportunity to be part of the UniqueSource Products & Services great mission for almost 30 years. I gain tremendous pride in helping people overcome their disability through work opportunities provided by UniqueSource Member agencies. The Strategic Support Services group is tasked with contract management, customer service, and information systems management, all while providing support to our member agencies.

Matthew  Dickens

Matthew Dickens

Vice President, Sales

It is an honor to serve our UniqueSource Members and the thousands of employees that produce a wide variety of quality products and services across Pennsylvania.  

The Sales Team supports our current clients, uncovers new opportunities, and acts as an ambassador for our Member organizations.  I am proud to lead the growth engine for our UniqueSource Mission.  Please reach out to me if I can be of assistance.