Established in 1996, the Nettie Mann Achievement Award seeks to recognize individuals who exhibit outstanding achievement and exceptional character in living and coping with his or her disabilities, particularly in the workplace. To be so recognized, out of the over 4,000 people employed throughout our family of 75 affiliated work centers throughout the Commonwealth, speaks volumes about these remarkable people.

In 1993 our “Worker of the year” was Nettie Mann. Nettie worked as part of a team that maintained the Highway Rest Areas under the aegis of the Keystone Blind Association. Nettie was so outstanding in her work that many tourists passing through the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania wrote letters of praise. The Governor received so many letters that he wrote a personal letter to her thanking her for her efforts. Tragically Nettie Mann was killed before she could receive her award. We have named our most distinguished award in her honor.