Rahmeen  Vincent

Rahmeen Vincent

North Central Sight Services

Since the day Rocky started with NCSS we knew not only he would be a great employee but a special person with many talents.  Outside of work, Rocky's main passion is his ceramics.  Ceramics give him an avenue to express his artistic ability. He has been able to take classes offered in the community and learn new techniques.  Rocky is also a great supporter for his family.  He has two brothers and one sister and any opportunity he has to help them he always does. 


While at work, Rocky is always willing to do whatever is necessary.  He takes his job very seriously and enjoys what he does.  If there are other tasks that are assigned to him he takes them head on without any complaints and always performs his best.  He is a very diverse employee who is capable of doing a variety of jobs here at NCSS.  Rocky is always striving to be better, whether at work or in his personal life. 


Rocky came to work for NCSS directly out of high school with no prior work experience.  He had to get used to working a regularly scheduled work week, learning new equipment all while keeping up with production demands.  Not only did he have to get used to the workforce, he had to do with while being legally blind.  He had to figure out what worked for him and what didn't, what low vision aids he needed in order to do his job.  He also entered a workforce consisting of a large generation gap. NCSS has a lot of employees that have worked here a very long time, but not many co-workers his age that he could relate to.  However, both of these obstacles didn't stop him and he adjusted wonderfully. His constant strive to always do better will always help him overcome any obstacle. 


Since Rocky entered the workforce right out of high school, all while developing his passion of ceramics, his opportunities to grow personally are evolving daily.  He is focusing on building his ceramics career which will give him an avenue to actively participate within the community. 


Rocky thoroughly enjoys his time here at NCSS.  He enjoys being able to come to work and know exactly what is expected of him while being able to have the freedom to complete the tasks at hand.  He has enjoyed working in a diverse workforce where everyone comes from a different walk of life.  Rocky enjoys the obstacles that come with the job to help him better prepare for the future.





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