Katie Schatz

Katie Schatz

InspiriTec, Inc.

Katie struggled with lack of confidence and especially fear of talking on the phones when she was first hired.  She had also grown quite tired of being "pitied and underestimated", as she puts it, due to her disability.  Katie has overcome her fear of "phones",  and excelled in her customer-facing position.  Her confidence grew over time.  She reports that working alongside other employees, who are not disabled, allowed her to shed the feelings of being underestimated.  As Katie has thrived in our environment so much so, she has taken on a new role now as a Team lead.


Katie is an outstanding and motivated individual who says she wants to make an impact on the world.  Given her schooling in psychology,  she wants to pursue that avenue in order to assist the broader community in the future.  In the meantime, Katie continues to encourage those around her in the present.  Her role at InspiriTec has provided an encouraging and empowering space for her to be involved in the lives of others.


Katie says she loves the people at InspiriTec.  Working with others gives her a sense of accomplishment; each day, she feels like she's making a difference.  She says everyone at InspiriTec has been accommodating and kind, and has given her the confidence she needed to work well with others, as well as to be more open with herself.  Katie says this confidence in part stems from InspiriTec's deliberate inclusiveness; her disability did not preclude her from taking on a lead role, rather, she is empowered to compassionately lead her team.

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