Paul  Wheatley

Paul Wheatley

The ARC of Cumberland and Perry Counties

Paul is willing to learn new tasks and will do all tasks assigned to him.  He is friendly and courteous to the customers, staff and fellow coworkers.  Paul will work on a task daily until he has mastered the task without complaint.  Paul will ask staff for a new task if he has completed the one he is working on.  He will help his fellow employees with tasks without hesitation.  Paul will ask for help if he is having difficulties.  Paul arrives to work each day willing to do the work assigned to him.  He informs staff of requested time off and will call if he is taking a day off. Paul is a valuable asset to the kitchen. 


Paul was quiet and reserved when he first arrived in the kitchen.  He has limited to no eye contact with staff and coworkers.  Paul would not speak unless spoken to in the year that he has been in the kitchen.  He had little to no kitchen experience when he first arrived and needed verbal and demonstrative instructions daily.  With time and repetition Paul has mastered most tasks assigned to him.  Paul has very little tone in his hands which makes most tasks difficult to do.  Paul has learned to use the kitchen tools that are available to him to help make these tasks easier for him and if Paul needs help he will ask staff for assistance.


Paul enjoys working the cold line where he ensures that each customer receives the items they have requested.  Paul has become familiar with the customers and is able to have those items ready before they are even requested by the customer.  Paul will help with getting customers coffee, tea or hot cocoa.  Paul will engage in conversation with customers and staff when they are going through the line.  Paul will stock desserts and drinks during the lunch making sure items do not run out.  In between lunch Paul will check the cold line and fill any items needed for the next lunch.  Paul will assist with the non-ambulatory customers helping them with their needs and getting their lunch to a table so they can enjoy their lunch.

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