We provide quality products and reliable services that meet your organization’s needs. What makes us unique is that doing business with us helps provide employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. How can we help you?

Find a Member Near You

Find a Member Near You

Nadine  Schaeffer

Member Spotlight Nadine Schaeffer
InspiriTec, Inc.

As a person with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) herself, Nadine understands the barriers to employment confronting many of our InspiriTec colleagues. She was involved in a severe car accident eleven years ago, which left her in a coma for weeks. After Nadine awoke she had to re-learn to walk, talk and perform basic tasks again. The doctors knew her recovery was uncertain and that she could possibly remain confined to bed, wheelchair-bound and/or cognitively impaired. Based on the Rancho Los Amigo scale, doctors determined the severity of her TBI was classified as a Level 2. She required assistance with everyday activities and self-care.

Betty Steffen

Member Spotlight Betty Steffen
Partners In Progress, Inc.

Betty is the new Facility Attendant for Partner In Progress, Inc. in Mansfield, PA. She is responsible for general cleaning of P.I.P’s main offices, common area’s cafeteria, kitchen, conference room, as well as their production floor restrooms, med room and office restrooms. Her dedication and quality of work provides a healthy and clean environment for over 100 employees. Although this is a fairly recent position for this 29 year old, she has spent over a decade preparing.

John  Lapkowicz

Member Spotlight John Lapkowicz
Goodwill Keystone Area

John came to Goodwill two years ago to enter Goodwill’s job training program. Prior to coming to Goodwill, John was working at UPS and relapsed in regards to his disability. Unfortunately, it took him out of the workforce for some time. After recovering, he entered a Goodwill program that helped at a PennDOT facility as a Goodwill trainee. In the beginning, John struggled with confidence and frequently asked questions about his performance. At times, he became frustrated as he tried to learn new tasks.

Maliek Ali Patterson

Member Spotlight Maliek Ali Patterson
SpArc Services

Maliek is a strong and unique individual that is an inspiration to all of the people who meet him. Maliek describes his life as a constant challenge, but does not let that slow him down. He graduated from Martin Luther King High School in 2000 and managed to make good grades, but had to work very hard every day to accomplish this goal. He was adored by his teachers and had their encouragement and support as he charged through his high school years. During a school trip to New York City, Maliek had the opportunity to visit the Statue of Liberty. This made a profound impact on his life as he related it to his own freedom and opportunity to go to school. Maliek is a member of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and calls it his second home. He volunteers many hours to help the congregants and even was an assistant camp counselor during the summer.

Our relationship with 75 Member organizations allows us to provide a wide range of products and services to you. With every order you place with us, you help create opportunity for individuals with disabilities.

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UniqueSource sales for the year (July 2013 through June 2014), totaled nearly $49 million – an increase of 15% over the prior fiscal year. That’s a lot of products and services sold in support of individuals with disabilites!

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Every business needs trash liners and toilet tissue (our #1 seller) – why not order yours from us? Purchasing ordinary products from UniqueSource makes an extraordinary difference in the lives of workers with disabilities.

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