Find a Member Near You

Find a Member Near You

Mary  Scanlan

Member Spotlight Mary Scanlan
Beaver County Association for the Blind

Meet Mary For the last five years, Mary has been employed by Beaver County Association for the Blind. She is a Rest Area Attendant and her responsibilities include performing quality assurance reviews and compliance, reviewing attendants’ time cards, making sure supplies are available, working with contractors/vendors for repairs/servicing of vending machines, and ensuring that all travelers have a safe and clean environment. Working with people with disabilities and the public has allowed Mary to become more compassionate and sympathetic to others and their needs. She has gained the confidence to persevere despite her own disability.

Aida  Garman

Member Spotlight Aida Garman
InspiriTec, Inc.

Aimee  Bannon

Member Spotlight Aimee Bannon
Center for the Blind and Disabled

Arthur Moat

Member Spotlight Arthur Moat
Keystone Blind Association

For the last eight years, Arthur has been employed by Keystone Blind Association where he currently works as a Rest Area Attendant. In this position, Arthur is responsible for a variety of tasks including cleaning restrooms, sweeping, refilling supplies, maintaining a daily log book, snow removal and more. Arthur receives a sense of purpose and pride from his job. He says being able to work and contribute to society, as well as set an example, gives him a reason to wake up and smile every day. What he appreciates most about his job is that he’s making a contribution to society, despite his physical limitations. Arthur says he enjoys working with the public and his co-workers.

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