Find a Member Near You

Find a Member Near You

Rahmeen  Vincent

Member Spotlight Rahmeen Vincent
North Central Sight Services

Rocky’s main duties are to assemble, inspect, test, encrypt and package flash drives and hard drives. He is responsible for data collection when required, i.e. recording scrap, production and rework quantities. In addition, he assembles and packages labels as well as assisting as a material handler by pulling materials to complete orders.

Katie Schatz

Member Spotlight Katie Schatz
InspiriTec, Inc.

Katie manages the Community Health Choices (CHC) project, through assisting in teaching new employees about the project, monitoring quality assurance, answering questions that representatives may not know the answer to, and assigning calls to the representatives. Katie's determination sets her apart from others. She frequently says that she refuses to let her disability keep her from doing the things she wants to do, and what she wants to do most is make an impact on the world. She has pursued a degree in psychology, which she hopes to use professionally some day. At InspiriTec, she uses this confidence and her strong people skills to make an impact on her coworkers, who all look up to her and care deeply for her. Our office would not look the same without her presence.

Paul  Wheatley

Member Spotlight Paul Wheatley
The ARC of Cumberland and Perry Counties

Paul is responsible for setting up the hot and cold line, making hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill as well as daily lunches when needed, he cleans the grill, hot line and cold line. Paul will make salads, scoops sides, make cold sandwiches, stocks drinks, ice cream, and snacks on the cold line. Paul makes trays up for non-ambulatory, stocks napkins for lunch, cleans tables, sweeps and mops floors, Cleans pots and pans and dishware, cleans kitchen appliances, rotates and stocks shelves, folds and labels boxes, Makes sandwiches for ICE and boxes for ICE.

Diana Mardis

Member Spotlight Diana Mardis
Cambria County Association for the Blind & Handicapped

Diana is responsible for sewing UniqueSource products such as Safety Vests, Chaps, Leggings and Sweatshirts sold to PennDot as well as Shower Curtains, Laundry Bags and Geriatric Bibs for State Hospitals and/or other institutions. On a daily basis Diana strives to represent CCABH and UniqueSource with the highest quality standards. Diana is a very versatile sewing machine operator. Diana loves her job and arrives with a smile on her face each day. In the morning she arrives to work 30-45 minutes early to talk with the many friends she had made here at CCABH, often bringing snacks and coffee to share. She had taken responsibility to aid another disabled employee in giving her rides to and from work as well as help her around the facility. Diana is a humble woman whose quiet presence often allows her to be overlooked in the outside world but at CCABH she shines through her work ethic and caring nature.

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