UniqueSource Members prioritize adaptive technologies, job coaching, and other supportive accommodations to make employment, and thus professional development and rehabilitation, possible.





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Chase Eutzy from NuVisions Center
2022 UniqueSource Achievement Award winner



COVID-19 Response
The UniqueSource headquarters office is currently operating under a hybrid policy. Masks are not required but encouraged for all site visitors. We will continue to monitor and adjust as needed. Our staff safety is of our utmost importance.

Updated: July 2022

UniqueSource Achievement Award Winners

UniqueSource Achievement Award Winners

The UniqueSource Achievement Award is presented annually to recognize outstanding performance. This year, UniqueSource recognized 31 Member employees by showcasing their skills and talents they bring to the workplace every day. Congratulations to the 2022 Achievement Award Winners! William Moore, Michael Barndt, Amy Hartle, Brian Neikum, Regina Ford, Tanisha Carter, Carol Darby, Sandra Anderson, Anthony Smith, Jack Long, Michael Sims, David Lee Smith, Wilbur Coover, Karen Craddock, Titus Snader, Ann Butina, Alonzo Russell, Sheila Lewis, Geraldine "Jeri" Fleming, Natalie Meyers, Paul Barnacastle, Seth Krokonko, Elizabeth "Sue" Haines, Patricia Grimes, Tonya Manley, Chris Burgher, Alana Greenberg, Janet Peters, Clara Schubert, James Brown, Roger McClain, Chase Eutzy