UniqueSource Members prioritize adaptive technologies, job coaching, and other supportive accommodations to make employment, and thus professional development and rehabilitation, possible.





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COVID-19 Response

The UniqueSource headquarters office closed in March of 2020 moving all staff to a remote work environment.  UniqueSource plans to implement our Phase 2 reopening plan July 1, 2021 at which time our building occupancy limits will be lifted, while allowing staff to continue to work remotely if they prefer.  UniqueSource anticipates a hybrid re-opening on February 7, 2022, and continues to monitor and adjust as needed.


We currently and will continue to have in place modified building facility procedures that require all site occupants to wear masks in common areas, honor social distancing and to increase cleaning and disinfecting protocols to meet CDC, DoH and governors order requirements.  Our staff safety is of our utmost importance.


Updated: November 2021


UniqueSource Achievement Award Winners

UniqueSource Achievement Award Winners

The UniqueSource Achievement Award is presented annually to recognize outstanding performance. This year, UniqueSource recognized 31 Member employees by showcasing their skills and talents they bring to the workplace every day. Congratulations to the 2021 Achievement Award Winners! Ernest Mancuso, Jr., Virginia O’Block, Ashley Williams, James Myers, Todd McConnell, Sandy Harding, Kathleen Hritz, Lawrence Farnsworth, Loretta McNeil, Robert Mansell, Richard Childs, Robert Strimple, Connie Dressel, Donnell Hobbs, Sr., Claire Jamison, Carol Burd, Russ Middendorf, Eric May, Carlene Steinback, Adam Miller, Lisa Heck, Jacob Grover, Eliza Krebs, Bambi Beard, Lea Barton, Jacob Carr, David VanDyke, Ed Mann, Joesph Busia, Jr., Dawn Shoemaker, Gary Tucker