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Private Sector Businesses

Regardless of whether a business considers itself small, large or somewhere in between, the list of products and services essential to the support of its operations is usually lengthy. As a comprehensive business support resource, UniqueSource® Products & Services can provide many of these in a responsive manner and at a fair price.

But in a highly competitive marketplace, many businesses are also looking to distinguish themselves from other companies. Choosing UniqueSource® Products & Services as a partner presents an opportunity for a business to display its social consciousness.

Through every purchase your organization makes through UniqueSource, you assist us in providing employment opportunities to those with disabilities so they can achieve meaningful and productive lives and make positive contributions to their communities.

Government Organizations

UniqueSource® Products & Services has extensive experience in providing government entities with products and services from its broad Member network. We understand contract requirements and how to adhere to them. We are familiar with the nuances of the procurement process and are well-versed in each stage from taking the order, meeting specifications, delivering what’s been promised and submitting the proper billing documentation.

Our work with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a showcase of our scope of capabilities.

For 30 years, we have staffed and operated photo license and identification centers across the state for the PA Department of Transportation. We have provided call center services for the PA State Police IT Help Desk, customer and operation support for the PA Department of Public Welfare, and 24-hour maintenance at the PA Department of Transportation interstate roadside rests and welcome centers.

UniqueSource also supplies commodity goods such as trash liners, toilet paper and office supplies to many of the state government agencies, in addition to providing essential products such as highway safety gear and equipment to the PA Department of Transportation.

Individuals with Disabilities

National studies have consistently shown that the majority of persons with disabilities who are able to work, want to work. They prefer to earn their way rather than have government pay their way.

Unfortunately, about two-thirds of Pennsylvanians with disabilities who want to and are able to work remain unemployed due to misperceptions and biased attitudes, stereotyping, discrimination, unfair employment practices, and barriers to accessibility.

The sale of products and services by UniqueSource® Products & Services creates opportunities for persons with disabilities, who are employed by member agencies, to achieve greater economic independence, self-reliance and an enhanced quality of life through work. At the same time, these employment opportunities serve to reduce their dependency on government-funded social support and services programs.

Member Agencies

Originally founded in 1956 as Pennsylvania Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (PIBH), UniqueSource® Products & Services is a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with its 75 Member agencies across Pennsylvania to identify, market, and deliver products and services with the purpose of creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The UniqueSource network of member agencies include Pennsylvania Counties Associations for the Blind, Goodwill Industries, Easter Seal Society of Pennsylvania, ARCs, Rehabilitation Centers, and other agencies that share the mission to bolster the employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

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